About Freaky Friday

There are a lot of weird freakin’ albums out there.  Like weirder than Hasselhoff weird.

Some of these oddballs are pretty cool.  Did you know that the Heartbreakers, minus Tom Petty, made a sweet surf rock album under the name The Blue Stringrays?

On the other hand, some of these oddballs are quite uncompromising and even downright unlistenable.  If you don’t know the story behind Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Music, remind us to get into it one of these days.


Friday is for oddballs.  We’ll close out every work week by telling you about some of the bizarre, experimental, out-there and downright frightening recordings that have ever been committed to perpetuity.  You may even know some of them.  As Tiny Tim could have told you, being incomparably strange does not preclude one from the Billboard Charts.

So if you would, every Friday, please tiptoe through the tulips with us.  Mind your step.


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